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In 1996, and following two years of close collaboration and partnership with the Football Association and The Premier League; The F.A. Premier League Medical Care Scheme Trust was established. This unique Trust was conceived and designed exclusively by Health Partners and now facilitates the private medical treatment for 96% of all Professional Football Clubs in England across The Premier League and the three English Football Leagues. We provide full management support for every Club, creating access to world-class medical services together with the very best client knowledge administrative support in the Football industry.

The England and Wales Cricket Board Health Trust has been administered by Health Partners since 2006, providing medical cover for players and non-players across every County Cricket Club and ECB Centrally contracted players. At its heart is the participants of the game, with long term healthcare and financial benefits for members. The inherent advantages of the Trust format means that the ECB Health Trust provides the best value for the level of cover, ease of access and medical services provided. We are proud to continue to support England and First Class Cricket through the administration and support of their medical needs.

The Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS) is a dual career programme which co-ordinates support to talented athletes across various academic institutions, allowing them to excel in both their academic and sporting worlds. Athletes 16 years and older, across 32 different sports receive a TASS award, nominated by the sport’s National Governing Body. Health Partners have been working with and advising TASS since 2009 and are delighted to be part of supporting these promising athletes who are all eligible to represent England and have been identified as performing at the top of the Sport England Talent Pathway.

Professional Sports Clients

  • FA Premier League Medical Care Scheme Trust

    Claims pre-notification for football clubs can be performed by phone, fax, email or online. For an online notification you will need a login ID.

    To obtain a login ID please email info@healthpartnerseurope.com

    If you already have an ID you can pre-notify online now; please follow the link to www.healthpartnerslive.com

  • ECB Healthcare Trust

    Claims pre-notification for ECB playing staff can be by phone, fax or email.

    To pre-authorise a claim for ECB NON playing staff you must contact our office on the ECB Healthcare Trust helpline (0870 224 7774) where we will be happy to discuss your claim, proposed treatment and the benefits available.

  • TASS and the National Governing Bodies of Sport England

    Claims pre-authorisation for the TASS medical care scheme can be by phone, fax or email. Please refer to the flowchart for details of the procedure.